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Graduated from the Anthropological Sciences of the Ankara University

Resident of Tehran, Iran

Master work in Classic Archeology and Ancient Greek

Ministry of Construction and Settlement, Research Division, Ministerial Consultant

Marketing Director of a private sector computer company

World Bank Project (Çukurova Regional Development Project)
Worked for the Coopers and Lybrand Company

Free lance writer
75 essays, articles, travel features and critiwues of novels

Cumhuriyet Newspaper feature film script award

Script writing for multi-vision programs
First book is published
“Fatal Effects of Love” reflects feminine rights from a different point of views.

Member of FIJET International Travel Writers Union

Active in the establishment of the PIMAPEN CULTURE HOUSE in İstanbul,
as a director Creative planning More than 40 discussion panels
And exhibitions, events
Desing and editing of numerous books
“Ottoman Tombstones”
Album on old Turkish Cities
Environmental activities and articles
Realization of a project to plant 15.000 trees on the Çamlıca hills in İstanbul
Entered and received awards for various city and cultural posters in international competitions

Second edition of “Fatal Effects of Love”
Second book; “Two Revolutions Two Country/Turkey Iran”
Third book; “Urban and Culture”
Urban life essays. Planning and anthropology in urbanism.
Design, organisation and on-screen presentation of a tolk show for Channel 2 of Turkish State TV
Annual activities and conferences of the
Women’s Works Library and the Information Center
Worked for the daily news paper of YÜZYIL as a writer
Involved in the activities and exhibitions covering the anthropologic material accumulated and archieved by the famous Turkish actress, Türkan Şoray, for the purpose of her future prospective museum.

Founder and second President of the Turkish-Chinese Art and Friendship Society
Conferences in various places in Turkey
About women rights, urbanism, culture and Middle East Member of council of managers in the W. W. L. And the Information Center
Anthropological Consultant for “Caravan Silk Road” project that is supported by Kale Seramik

Cable TV station Channel E
Weekly program, under the name of “Open Society” This is discussion program about politic, social events A lot of conferences as a speaker
Worked as an Anthropologiest Researcer in “Sexuality in Turkey” project, which is conducted by Istanbul Mülkiyeliler Foundation. Published as a series in Yeni Yüzyıl Newspaper
Channel E TV programmes continue

She is a founder member of supporting and training of women candidates Society
Silk Road documentary film producter and director
Researches on “Alaouite”, “Cerrahi Sufis”
“Refah Party Womens” and “Turkish Culture” “Iran”
She went to Tehran as a reporter for elections and made remarkable written andf oral feature reports.
Traveled all over the world and wrote articles for magazines from China to New Zealand.
Founder member of “AnaKültür” Cooperative of Art and Training for women (Mother Culture)
Published two new books; “The Minutes with Fethullah Gülen in New York”
Bestseller of 1997 (50.000 printed)
“A Path to Love and Culture”
Worked as a lecturer on anthropology and urban planning, Marmara University

First Anchor woman at Samanyolu TV
For the first time in Türkiye, won “Tolerance” award of Journalits and Authers Foundation
New book is published under the name of “Love knocks the door always” Discussion about 21st century relationship between woman and man.
Program: On Samanyolu Tv “Women in the mirror”
Argumentary TV Programme “Perspective” (Açı)
Several Publications in Pimapen Culture Centre
“From Magic to Jewelery” (Tılsımdan Takıya) English- Turkish large size Jewelery book
Worked for WINPEACE ( Turkish-Greek Women Friendship and
Peace Society)

Two programs on STV;
1) Women in the mirror (stories of women entrepreneurs)
2) Agenda of Democracy (Argumentary TV Programme)
Surveys in South Anatolia
The membership of the Travellers Club of Turkey and honour award
Articles in the “Impossible without women” book

Member of council of managers in the Women’s Work Library and Information Centre
New magazine under the name of “Dialog Avrasia” worked as an editor and writer
Advisor for 2010 Master Plan of GAP as a social scientiest
Presented a paper at the University of J.W.Goethe about ” Changes of the World and Turkey at the 21st Century ”
She is the founder member and member of board for Supporting and Training of Women Candidates Society (KA-DER)
Participated in the seminars by Leslie Abdela,a parliament and defendant of the British womens’ rights and is awarded a Certificate issued by the British Cultural Attaché in this respect.

Won the prize on TV and Culture branch for “Göç Kuşakları” (Imigrating Generations) This documentary is about Turkish imigraters in Europe during 40 years. This programme was prepared by traveling 27.000 kilometers, broadcasted in Turkey, Europe and North America.
Award of 100 Successful Women granted by Bayrampaşa Municipality of the Istanbul province
Elected as the president of Mother Culture Assosiation which works
for GAP
Engaged in the first demonstration and involved in the international
works regarding “Honourkilling”
International Meetings
Tel Aviv “Women based development project in GAP”
Frankfurt “Turkey in the 21st Century”

Two new books published namely, ” I Live with Cancer” and “Global Tolerance”
She works as a chief editor of DA (Dialogue Eurasia ) Magazine which is published in Russian and Turkish.
Television programme on family and women-men relationships
Member of council of managers in the Women Works Library And the Information Center

A new book describing Turkish entrepreneur women published namely, “Entrepreneur Amazons”
She joined and arranged a number of meetings in Russia and Eurasia.
DA introduction meetings in the region
Conferences at Germany
Executive Editor for DA (Dialogue Eurasia)
Colonist for the daily newspaper of “Zaman”
Lecturer of the forum on “Dialogues among the cultures, the role and importance of Eurasia during globalization of the World” which is held between the dates of 5-7 June 2004 at Alma-Ata province of Kazakhstan
Lecturer and participator of the workshop on “Safety Politics” which is jointly arranged by Konrad Adenauer Foundation and High Strategy Center
Upon receipt of an invitation from Proffessor Selahattin Halilov of the Private University of Azerbaijan, involved in conferences at Baku as well as radio and TV programmes together with the relevant intellectuals, scientists, rectors and artists .
Lecturer of the Philosophy Institute of the National Sciences Academy.
Participated in a conference on “Male and Female Affairs in Turkey”.
2003 The bilingualistic DA Magazine awarded a prize on “Communication in the year 2003”
Conferences at the Holland Universities of Vrij, Nijmegen and Rotterdam Erasmus
Rewarded by the Ministry of Health for her participations in the issue of “Cancer”
Nevval Sevindi has established a company on life couching for conducting seminars and consultancy services to the corporate and individual bodies

Executive editor for DA Magazine
Member of Board for the Women Arts Library and Data Center Participted in the platform meeting of DA (Dialogue Eurasia) held with 17 countries at the Antalya province of Turkey
Conferences on “Women of Turkey and Eurasia at the 21st Century” at Hamburgh and nearby upon invitation of the “Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland e.V”
Participated in the commission of Family Research Department of the Turkish Ministry and presented a paper on the issue of “Family”. Involved in the commission works for economical, cultural and physo-social aspects of poverty.
Participated in the symposium conducted with the Turkish Research Center, UNESCO-Germany and Robinson Club Nobilis
Lecturer of the meeting on “Euro-Islam”.
Lecturer of the symposium “Living together at the 21st Century” conducted at Kazakstan, UNESCO also the participant
Participated in the First International Conference on “Eurasian Provinces, the Cultural Legacy of the World” held at Kazan,Tataristan between the dates of 16- 21 June 2004.
Participator and presented a paper with the representatives of 25 countries about ” Ensuring Unity and Understanding at Eurasia by Protecting Cultural Diversity”.
Lecturer of the “The urban area of Istanbul” project carried out by GENAR-Istanbul ? The Municipality of Istanbul. Participating in “Brain Storms”(Beyin Fırtınaları) and conducting projects at 50 schools in this respect.
Editorial work at the woman magazine of Vogel- Burda-DBR
Presented a paper on ” The Identity of East against West” at xxxvıı. ICANAS International Orientists Congress held at Moscow between the dates of 16-21 August 2004.

A new publication namely; ” The Land of Heart-broken Women” (Kırık Kalpli Kadınlar Ülkesi)
Chief Editor for the Ufuk – Publications
The founder and honour member of the cancer society of the eastern Muş province of Turkey called Onko-Sev.
Lecturer of the case topic “The Model of Women Leadership” at the Woman Leadership Training Seminar carried out jointly by the Kent State University of the United States, GAP Administration and the University of Bahçeşehir.
The lecturer of the International Cancer Congress on “Politics about Cancer ” Conferences throughout the country about cancer, woman and the family

Conference on Iran in culture days of Turkey Research Center (Essen).
Conference on Cancer for Turkish- German Health Foundation (Frankfurt).
Autograph session and conference on “Place of Women in 1000 years of Turkish culture” for Turkish- German Club (Frankfurt).
Autograph session and conference on “Women in Turkish Culture”, in an organization by Frankfurt Turkish Bookstore.
Women Meetings organized by Hürriyet newspaper in Frankfurt.
Founder and president of Çorum Cancer Association.
Founder and president of Uşak Cancer Association.
Founder and president of Trebizond (Trabzon) Cancer Association.
An award from Heath Ministry (minister prof. Recep Akdağ) for my contributions about cancer.
Conferences in Akhisar, Yalova, Adapazarı, Turgutlu, Urfa, Muş, Ahlat, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Bursa, Rize, Çamlıhemşin, Samsun, Konya, Antalya, Alanya, Balıkesir, Erzurum, Çubuk ( Ankara), Çorum.
An award and activities in Onko-Day Cancer.
Speaker in Iconium (Konya) Patient Rights symposium.
Syria tour. Its route was from Iconium (Konya) to Muhiddin-i Arabi.
Conferance on our prophet’s day of birth in Galata Mevlevihane.
Meeting on evaluation of Eurasia with ambassadors of Eurasia (Büyükada).
Turkey report programme for Australian radio (once in three weeks).
Motivation education for Şişli municipality.
Motivation, concentration, and time management education for the teachers of Cihangir College.
Various seminars about communication within the family and children’s education.
Rumi conferences with Mrs. Cemalnur Sargut in Arizona State University, North Carolina University and Duke University.
TV programme for Itallian RAI.
BBC radio programme.
Rome Meeting for the 150th anniversary of Itallian- Turkish affairs (Damascus).
Meeting on Israel ? Turkish affairs (Jerusalem).

Consultant of DYP president. political works on women studies parliamentarian candidate from Istanbul at the general elections.
Participant at Turkish-Italian forum at Rome and the forum in Istanbul as well.
Publishing of the english book “Contemporary Islamic Conversations (editor prof.Ibrahim M.Abu-rabi). Sunypress publishing of USA New York University

DP Vice President of “Press and Publicity and Foreign Affairs
Turkish-Italian forum, culture topical meetings at Rome

Resign from DP
Calling conference and social responsibility project – Zade company from Konya as part of this project
Cancer conferences at Anatolia and Cyprus
Brand conference at Corum “Relationship between brand and culture”
International symposium of KEK 20th year celebrations: Memory of Women
World Crimea Tatarians Congress
Article series of Crimea
Conference – Urfa Women Entrepreneurs Association

Panel discussion -Samsun Women Entrepreneurs Association : “Succesfull Women”
TV program at MPL “in focus”
Founding president – Pembe Hanım cancer patients and their relatives unity assosiation
TV program at Bugün TV – “family bonds”

The family bonds program still continues
Board chairman of “creations by women library and information centre institution
International cancer conferences
New book: Love – Looking for its soul
Women’s Memory: The Problem of Sources, 20th. Anniversary Semposium of the Women’s Library and Information Centre Foundation, 17-19 April 2009)

New book published “ The Love Looking for the Soul”
Lecturer at Aydın University (cross cultural communication)
NGO lecturer at Doğuş University
Struggle patient rights, women rights and censor. Opponent articles
Media criticism / evaluation

İnternational network studies with Pembe Hanım Association
Meetings at Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Vienna , Berlin, Frankfurt, Münich

“Zamanın Ruhu” (Soul of time) political discussion program at Halk TV
The only Turkish patient association that has invented to ESMO & ECCO
“I am living with cancer” my book has published again. And it took place in the health sets.

Pembe Hanım has bought the licence of “relay for life” event which is the biggest event of American National Cancer İnstitute
Travelling to Atlanta for training.